Il Club

The club and the L.S.N. School of Wakeboard is to be found in the prettiest and quietest corner of Lake Viverone, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere of friendly people, located on a naturally terraced green field site of 2000 square metres overlooking the lake a perfect setting fully equipped for sun-bathing and leisure activities.

Inside the club there is a bar that serves sandwiches and cold buffet food that can be eaten in the shade of an open verandah. There are also changing rooms, hot showers and toilet facilities. L.S N is the largest Wakeboard Wakeskate and Wakesurf school in Italy and well known abroad for its professionalism and high level of experience.

It is the main centre for the Italian Federation of Wakeboarding and the Italian national team holds regular meetings here. The reasons for this can be found in the high quality pool of towing craft and equipment. the presence of the Italian national coach and team captain Cesare Comollo and a quallified staff of technicians, the use of dry land teaching techniques such as the elastic carpet, a ramp with a rail for dry take-offs etc etc.
The school is prepared for all teaching levels from beginners to experts. Certain equipments are subject to evaluation testing in our club such as the complete range of HYPERLITE, LIQUID FORCE and RONIX boards. and these can also be purchased at our site.

Customers who wish to stay longer than a day at Viverone can reserve hotel rooms through the L.S N which also has arrangements with camping sites, restaurants and cocktail bars. The wakeboard season runs from the 1St of April to about the 15th of October.
One fundamental and unavoidable aspect of activities carried out at LE SKI NAUTIQUE (L.S.N.) School of Wakeboard concerns the craft in use.

Le Barche
L S.N is the only school that employs the entire range of MASTERCRAFT, the undisputed market leader in boats for wakeboard activities. The engines are powerful but with the minimum of impact on the environment. These advanced craft create the perfect conditions for water-skiing.

Boats available at the L.S N. are as follows:

Mastercraft X-STAR (the red boat) called "Horny" on account of the shape of its bow. This boat creates a high wave for professional and experienced water-skiers and is used for aIi world level competitions, (European Cup, World Cup). Our example is the one used by the Italian National Water-ski team for its training at our club and also by various professionals from other countries.

Mastercraft X2 (the White boat and Red boat) is the most recent model of the Mastercraft range and this too has the horn shaped bow suitable for advanced level skiers. and is used for the training of athletes on a national level.

Mastercraft 205 (the white boat and red boat) is a high performance craft perfectly adapted to all the wake board activities from beginner to medium levels of proficiency. It creates an ideal wave quite steep, for wake-skating and for medium and high level wakeboard activities.