The Wakeboard is the most spectacular of the various water-ski specialities. It is a water based version of the other sports practised on a board such as the snowboard, the skateboard and the surfboard.
By exploiting the wake of the low-boat a skilful skier can perform all sorts of aerial acrobatics.

The first time you find yourself in the water with a board under your feet you may feel a little disorientated and be unsure of the correct position to assume for "take-off". The best policy is to relax and let the Wakeboard take you on a fantastic new adventure.

There are no age limits or physical fitness tests for this activity. Another aspect might encourage you and that is the fact that being able to practise this sport under the tuition of the foremost coach in Italy, Cesare Comollo and his team of instructors, has encouraged the best known athletes of Italy and France to come here on Lake Viverone to practice. Our club is currently testing the complete range of HYPERLITE,LIQUID FORCE and RONIX  boards. as well as life Jackets, tow-ropes and grip handles, which are also for the use of people who don't bring their own equipment or who wish to try out the latest developments.